TM211E - Optimizer Planning


Product Description

TM211E – Optimizer Planning  – 8 Hours

What is E-learning?

SAP E-learning is the most advanced method of training.  Every Course
has 3 Things.

  1. High Quality Simulated / animated Business process explanations.
  2. Quizzes at the end of every chapter.
  3. Interactive demonstration on the software the solution was made for.

SAP Elearning replaced the old way of training that is PDF + Instructor + SAP
Access.  This has many flaws.  Instructors were not well trained, the
PDF dont match the software release.  The Software has no DATA for the
examples etc.

SAP Elearning solves all these issues.  Each course is CONCISE, Accurate
and you can guaranteed pass the Exam for the related course.  You will
learn SAP for the module you choose the way it was MEANT to be learnt / taught.

High Quality Simulated / animated Business process explanations.

AC010E - Business Processes in Financial Accounting

Interactive demonstration on the software the solution was made for


Watch this Youtube Video for complete Demonstration and explanations.


  • Transportation Planning
    • Defining the Transportation Planning Process
    • Evaluating Freight Units
    • Creating Freight Orders for Shipping
  • SAP Transportation Management Transportation Network
    • Integrating SAP ERP Master Data with SAP TM
    • Evaluating Location Masters
    • Creating Transportation Zones
    • Defining Methods of Transportation
    • Defining Transportation Lanes
    • Creating Carrier Profiles
    • Examining Resources in SAP TM
  • Conditions and Incompatibilities
    • Defining Conditions in SAP TM
    • Identifying Incompatibilities
  • Transportation Planning Preparation
    • Examining Optimizer Planning
    • Defining Selection Profiles
    • Creating Planning Profiles
    • Creating Capacity Selection Settings
  • Interactive Planning with the Transportation Cockpit
    • Customizing the Transportation Cockpit Layout
    • Customizing the Transportation Cockpit
    • Performing Interactive Planning
    • Examining Freight Order Scheduling
  • Carrier Selection
    • Performing Carrier Selection
    • Tendering Freight Orders