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Welcome to ERPVideos.com. ERPVideos.com is an online company which sets the standard for providing high quality SAP Training Videos and Virtual Classroom training videos to aspiring SAP Consultants empowering them with the answers and tools that are needed to enhance and grow in their careers. We exist for the simple reason, that is to help you learn SAP the way it was meant to be learnt.

ERPVideos.com is a subsidary of SAP Training Inc and has evolved to become a collaboration between like minded consultants who see the need for affordable and quality SAP Training; wether it be In-Classroom or online recorded solutions.

Many aspiring consultants have been victims to very poor SAP Training at useless, unregulated 3rd party training websites. These websites are everywhere, some get shut-down, most don’t. We are here since 2001 and provide QUALITY-CENTRIC servers with sales driven by a CUSTOMER-CENTRIC support team.

Our site is home to many of the industry’s leading consultants that share our commitment to helping many worldwide meet the challenges of an ever-changing environment. With an eye on all the latest technologies, our aim is to consistently offer exclusive tools of the highest quality to a community that requires and expects nothing less. Think of us as consultants helping other consultants.

As a distinguished authority within our respective fields, we request new-comers to SAP to ask us for our recommendations on your buying decisions. We can help you with any questions you have. We are open 24 hours by email and phone lines are open during business hours.

If we’re doing our jobs well, everyone who works in or cares about SAP Training should feel, every day, that this site is produced for them.

This is a gathering place for all of the many constituents and diverse institutions that make up the huge domain of SAP Training. At SAPDrill, you’ll find no pecking orders or second-class citizens. SAP had provided that freedom for us. The Company lists more than 88,000 software installations for over 26,000 customers in more than 120 countries. 80% of the Fortune Global 1,000 companies run SAP software. Where ever you go, as long as you are able to work, chances are there is a JOB market for SAP Consultants.

So we welcome you to the SAP world and hope you find success as a platinum level consultant. We invite you — no, actively encourage you — to be part of this website.

To all of you, from all of us at ERPVideos.com Store – Thank you and Happy Consulting!!!

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